Our Purpose

We will transform how people purchase, use and enjoy cannabis throughout society

Our Mission

Rexroad Marquis Corporation produces and sells a full range of cannabis products to recreational and medicinal consumers.
We set the industry standards for consistently excellent and effective products, impeccable business conduct, assiduous compliance with the law, and superior customer service and fulfillment. We deliver the ultimate cannabis experience in every package and every store.

Our Vision

Rexroad Marquis Corporation will redefine cannabis and the cannabis experience for millions of people across America and around the world. We will transform its mysterious and misunderstood past into a clear and certain future.

We will transform the production and sale of cannabis products into an enlightened, dynamic and prosperous business, as well as a profitable investment. We will transform how people purchase, use and enjoy cannabis throughout society. And we will transform our company into a vibrant, powerful, global brand.

I am Rexroad Marquis

I am on a mission.

It is a complex and difficult mission fraught with incredible challenges and frustrating uncertainties every step of the way. It is a bold and exciting mission to help validate and build a new industry, create thousands of new jobs and deliver dozens of extraordinary new products to an expectant and untapped marketplace. It is a worthwhile mission to enhance the lives of millions of consumers and reward the hard work, loyalty and trust of my family, colleagues and investors. I have been preparing for this mission for more than 25 years and there is no one in America better qualified, better equipped, more capable and more motivated to fulfill it than I. And I have the determination, the drive, the focus and the fortitude to succeed, no matter how long it takes. My mission is to bring the pleasures and the benefits of cannabis to people across the country and around the world.

To improve the way cannabis is perceived, produced, delivered and enjoyed. To capitalize, in every way, on the exceptional opportunities and limitless potential cannabis offers. No more lurking in shadows and looking over my shoulder. I will stand in the spotlight and welcome the attention. No more whispers and secrets. I will speak my mind and the truth about cannabis I have known in my heart for years. No more prejudice, intolerance and injustice. I will prove myself worthy of my new, hard-won freedom, abide by the laws that empower it, and embrace the responsibilities it requires. No more mystery and misconceptions. I will set the standards for honesty, quality, innovation and professionalism.

I believe in the Power of the Plant to promote health, healing and happiness. I believe our nation is ready to lighten-up, accept positive, productive and responsible change, and join the cannabis movement. And I believe I can lead this movement and this industry out of the shadows, into the light and into the future.

I am Rexroad Marquis.

The Power of the Plant™

RMC believes in the healing, health-giving potential of cannabis.